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Military Fuses: MIL-F-15160

Military Fuses

This type of fuse normally comes with nickel plated terminals however they can be ordered with a silver plated terminal. The part number will have the letter s at the end of the number to indicate the silver plating. An example is F03A250V1AS.

Military fuses are the most reliable circuit protection that you can get and product you can count on to do the job.

Military grade circuit protection devices are the right choice when you need to be certain that your device is completely protected. Some of the conditions that are tested with Mil-F-15160 military grade product are:

  • Thermal Shock
  • Terminal Strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Solderability

This product can be used in difficult environmental conditions with confidence that it will not fail. Here are some of the most popular sizes and descriptions for the Mil-F-15160 fuses used in today’s electronic devices:

Mil-F-15160 Popular Sizes
SeriesSizeTypeCommercial Version
F01A8AGglass and fast actingAGX
F02A3AGglass and fast actingAGC
F02B3AGglass and time delayMDL
F03A3AGceramic and fast actingABC
F03B3AGceramic and fast actingMDA
F09A5ABfibre and fast actingBAN
F09B5ABfibre and fast actingFNM
F10A5ABfibre and fast actingMIN
F60C5ABmelamine and fast actingKLM