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D38999/20FC35SD | AERO

22 Socket Receptacle, circular, high reliability, high durability connector designed for use in military, aerospace, aviation and marine applications, MIL-Qualified to MIL-DTL-38999 series III
Manufacturer: AERO
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SKU: D3899920FC35SD
Manufacturer part number: D38999/20FC35SD
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How To Read Part Number D38999/20FC35SD

 Part Number SectionCodeDescription
Connector TypeD38999/20FC35SDD38999/20MIL-DTL-38999 Series 3
Shell TypeD38999/20FC35SD20Wall Mount Receptacle
FinishD38999/20FC35SDFElectroless Nickel Aluminum
200°C, EMI shielding –65dB @ 10GHz, 48 hour salt spray
Shell SizeD38999/20FC35SDCC - Wall Mount Receptacle
Insert ArrangementD38999/20FC35SDC3522 #22D, M
Contact TypeD38999/20FC35SDSSocket
Keying PositionD38999/20FC35SDDD


  • EMI Shielding: solid metal-to-metal coupling, grounding fingers, electroless nickel plating, and thicker wall sections provide superior EMI shielding capability of 65dB minimum at 10 GHz
  • Withstands High Vibration: operates under severe high temperature vibration, through 200°C
  • Withstands High Impact Shock: excellent resistance shock with no electrical discontinuity and no disengagement of the mated connectors
  • Contact Protection: recessed pins in this 100 % scoop - proof connector minimize potential contact damage
  • No Lockwiring: unique, self - locking, quick coupling connector eliminates lockwiring
  • Quick Coupling: completely mates and self - locks in a 360° turn of the coupling nut
  • Moisture Resistance: improved interfacial seal design helps prevent electrolytic erosion of contacts


D38999/20FC35SD is currently used in many applications requiring extremely reliable interconnection. Because of its quick-mating, environmentally-sealed construction, triple-lead thread, self-locking coupling, and EMIRFI-shield this connector guarantees very high performance in most demanding applications. D38999/20FC35SD applications include:

  • Rockets and Space Vehicles
  • Military aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Avionics
  • Unmanned systems
  • Communications equipment
  • Armored personnel carriers & tanks
  • High temperature industrial equipment
  • Missile and missile defense
  • Ships


1.13 (28.60)0.91 (23.01)0.81 (20.62)0.82 (20.90).008/.100 (2.10/2.50).870 (22.10).700 (17.90).130 (3.25).190 (4.93)
D38999/20FC35SD Insert Drawing

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature-65°C to +200°C (-85°F to +392°F)
SealingAgainst sand, dust per MIL-STD-202 & ice resistance
Salt Spray48 hours
Chemical ResistanceLubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, coolants, deicing fluids per MIL-STD-1344A Method 1016 condition a-1
Sine Vibration60g at -55°C per MIL-DTL-38999L
Random Vibration49.5 grms at ambient temperatures
Shock300 grms
EMI Shielding Effectiveness100 MHz to 10 GHz - minimum attenuation of 50dB

Keying Position

Keying PositionA° BSCB° BSCC° BSCD° BSC
D38999/20FC35SD Key Position Drawing

Contact Layout

D38999/20FC35SD Insert Drawing


P/N: Qty: 22
Contact TypeSocket
Contact Size#22D
Termination MethodCrimp
Crimp Wire Gauge28,26,24,22
Contact MaterialCopper Alloy
Contact Plating50 microinches Gold Plate
Color BandsOrange Yellow Gray